An American painter, who was liked by the Chinese overseas by chance, was introduced to China. In order to show his unique skills, the foreigner came to Shanghai to create a world-renowned French Canadian artist, Mr. Donnos, recently invited to Shanghai to hold his first solo exhibition in China at the Smart Gallery 95 Moganshan Road.

Extra Large Canvas Art

A layer of varnish to solve the fatal wounds of  Extra Large Modern Painting for hundreds of years

In these two days, anyone who enters the gallery will express his heartfelt admiration for Tangnuosi's works. Not only is the color of the picture beautiful, it is beyond the visual experience of traditional Chinese people. More specifically, his works are covered with a layer of varnish. Making the work like Acre material production, it not only solves the fatal problems that  Large Black and White Art have been difficult to overcome for centuries to wipe, dust, waterproof, and collision prevention, but also adds a dazzling and bright feeling to the work. An audience in watching the work, can not help but sigh that Tangnuosi's work surface like a layer of Chinese ceramics on the beautiful glaze. The curators told reporters that this is a revolutionary technology that Tangnuosi enjoys patents. After his creation was completed, he used a thick layer of varnish on the surface of the work as a protection. This technology quickly caused group emulation in Canada and almost became a genre of oil painting initiated by Tangnuosi.

The hospital uses "positive energy" oil painting to help patients recover

Donalds often paints in bright, bright and intense colors. The pictures not only have childlike interest, but also convey the old ways after long-term professional training, so that every viewer can feel happy and optimistic. This pleasure is called "positive energy" by international medical professional media. Bridget, a well-known French journalist, visited a gallery full of Donald North's works and called them good medicine for the disease. According to an article in a European medical journal, a painting by Donalds was selected by someone in charge of art decoration in a Swiss hospital and hung in the hospital surgical ward. Coincidentally, Donald North is also designing murals for a Canadian hospital. Donald North believes that his paintings have strong colors, contain a lot of energy, and are of great benefit to patients.

In any case, Tangnuosi's  Big Black and White Painting are always pleasing to the eye and full of joy, and his works are suitable for hanging in many occasions such as family, office, clubhouse, bar, and restaurant.

Innovative artists become cossetes of luxury goods cooperation

Tangnuosi was born in a wealthy family. When he was 3 years old, he fell in love with art. When he grew up, he continued to seek breakthroughs in the art field. He once owned his own studio and gallery at 34 Champs-Elysees in Paris. His portraits also enjoy a reputation. He has painted portraits for many film and television actors, sports and political figures. In 1982 he created portraits for former President Jimmy Carter. In Paris, he is the chairman of many art associations and works closely with the Paris City Hall and other French, Belgian and Norwegian city halls.

He won the laurel in the  Black and White Wall Art contest of the French summer metropolis, and his works were collected in the famous French Museum of Vernaz. In Hamburg, Germany, Donalds was named one of the top ten contemporary genius artists by the company's sponsorship department, and was called an innovative artist by the media.

At the same time, Tangnuosi is also the darling of luxury goods, such as Cartier, Mercedes, Porsche and other famous brands have asked him to create.

Bring chinese tibetans a very optimistic attitude towards life

Ms. Ma Yuzhi who is the curator said that she stumbled upon Donald's painting in a restaurant abroad. The work is very special. It depicts a girl with real shorts on her jeans. It was only through the restaurant owner that she met Donald North. Based on the common values, the two sides launched this trip to China.

Because Donald North's works are very particular about the various materials used in paints and pictures, he came to Shanghai with 46 kilograms of pigments on his back. Meanwhile, he also found various gadgets on the streets of Shanghai that could be directly used in pictures, including brushes, ribbons, scarves, beads and so on. Donald's innovative genius and brilliant style will bring Chinese Tibetans a very optimistic attitude towards life. Indeed, at the opening ceremony, many Tibetans ordered his paintings in the light of the happy colors in Donald's works.

large living room wall decor-Some time ago, a colorful giant Keith Haring (Keith Haring) the fate of the mural face was cut to sell now, Modern & Contemporary Canvas Art
in order to ensure the harlem only an outdoor work in France made in Paris (Necker hospital for sick children) stay in Paris fundraising campaign to blaze,Extra Large Canvas Art For Sale the promoter is
Keith Haring French assets agents, gallery Lord Jerome DE nuba (Jer me DE Noirmont).
More recently, he held an exhibition of Alexandra Golovanoff's celebrity photography, with the proceeds going to harling's mural restoration.HANDMADE ABSTRACT ART 

For this reason, ARTINFO France interviewed nouamon about the new design of integrating the mural into the hospital, the current need for private donations in France, and what it meant to him when he took his children to the emergency

Reporter: why is Keith harling's fresco at Necker hospital in urgent need of repair?

Jerome DE nouamon: in 1999, I curated the Musee Maillol exhibition "Keith Haring: Made in France,"Big Abstract Painting For Sale
which covers all of Haring's work in France (bordeaux, Paris, marseille and le mans).
It was the first time many people realized that Necker hospital had such a large mural of Keith harling.
A few years later, the hospital called me to talk about a complete reconstruction of the hospital, raising the possibility of moving, cutting, rebuilding and selling the frescoed "tower" because it did not fit the new architectural

In view of the importance of this work, the architect, after communicating with me and the hospital, decided to integrate the tower into his design -- something architects rarely do.
He integrated it into the garden, the green space in the middle of the hospital.
The tower now houses a staircase, like a totem pole, that will be open to the public.

Reporter: so it's not just about restoration, it's about rethinking the whole thing.

Jerome DE nouamon: yes, that's why we have such a large budget.
The tower must first be separated because it is connected to another building that will be demolished in March 2013.
Foundations must be completely rebuilt, stairway entrances closed, and tops rebuilt.
In addition, the concrete exterior surface has also been in disrepair.
These expenses account for 80% of the repair cost, and the rest is used to repair the painting itself.


Large living room wall decor-Nowadays, in addition to visiting cultural relics and art works in museums and art galleries,Black and White Canvas cultural and creative gift shops have become a
necessary stop, and bringing home the exhibits and the life concepts contained in them has become a way of life.
The art business is booming. Jackson pollock socks, Louise bourgeois eye masks, guerilla girl air purifiers...
What is behind the explosion of art commodities?  HUGE CONTEMPORARY PAINTING

Who is the real winner?

Caro was born in Mexico City on July 6,Large Abstract Canvas Art 1907. His father was a famous German photographer in Mexico, and his mother was a Mexican of indigenous descent.
When carol was six, polio crippled her right leg.
When she was 18, a traffic accident nearly killed her and left her with a lifetime of injuries: a broken spine, clavicle and several ribs, a shattered pelvis and a crushed foot.
The traffic accident should also be the cause of her infertility.
In the long recovery period, carlo, who had always wanted to be a doctor, Big Abstract Canvas Art picked up the brush and began to paint himself in the mirror.
In her lifetime, she underwent more than 30 operations, large and small.
In the physical, emotional and psychological pain, helplessness and torture, she did not compromise, but put all the experience into the creative inspiration.
From 1926, when she created her first self-portrait, to 1954, when she died at the age of 47, she created 55 self-portraits.
The intense emotion and disturbing images she injects into her self-portraits and other works have a strong visual impact.
In particular, many of her self-portraits reveal her true feelings of struggling with illness to the world through blood and cold, boldly challenging traditional art and being extremely avant-garde.
Cultural icon
Though bedridden and painted in a mirror, caro, who is disabled, always dresses up in elaborate, showy photographs that highlight the charms of traditional Mexican dress.
In fact, the ethnic dress of the Tehuana region of southern Mexico nicely camouflages her crippled legs;
The loose shirt covered an orthopedic bra that supported her damaged spine.
As a young woman, she had already established the traditional Mexican image of a woman with her hair parted in the middle, her plaits coiled up and her shoulders wrapped in a large shawl.
In 1946, in her self-portrait, she combined two bushy eyebrows into one, which made her unique and iconic image.
In addition, she also highlighted the hair on her upper lip in her self-portrait, and was regarded by feminists as an icon and pioneer who challenged tradition.
Her husband, Diego Rivera, recalled their first meeting as saying, "the thick black eyebrows met above her nose like the wings of a black bird."

large living room wall decor-The experience of oil painting techniques discussed here refers to the discussion and study of the most representative and universal technical rules in the heyday of the whole process of traditional oil painting.
Oil painting development up to now,Great Big Canvas in the technique

It's a far cry from the traditional way.
Each genre, each artist selects traditional techniques according to their own intention

In order to achieve the goal of creation in concept since modernism,

The development of individuality has been given broader freedom.
But, on the other hand,Black And White Painting it lost the painting from the material

To the soul of all the good quality, so far away from the painting itself.
This is actually a means

The conflict with the goal.
Oil painting for oil painting, should be based on the full display of its materials and techniques on the energy

On the contrary, painting is not necessary to exist.
The ancient masters were well versed in this,Contemporary Painting and they had it all in their minds

Put into the practice and research of oil painting materials and techniques, and regard this as part of the idea and spirit in art

Therefore, the masters can convey their emotions and intentions so excellently, and finally achieve the works and hearts

The situation is highly harmonious.
So to truly learn and master oil painting, we must deeply understand and experience oil painting at its peak

The best quality of the period.


oil painting needs a lot of technical training-from hand to heart

The application of materials and techniques and the grasp of what can be achieved.
In that sense, it's a doorstop

Art and craft require long - term practice and tempering.
But the craft itself is not the purpose, its purpose is through form

The expression of color must ultimately convey thought and emotion, which is also the purpose of art.
So all craftsmanship is for that In the presence of art, we must integrate the experience of art into the experience of art while experiencing the techniques