Let us understand the development of Extra Large Modern Painting, from the thin and aesthetic classical realistic oil painting in the early period to the Impressionist  Contemporary Wall Art in pursuit of exterior light to the duck-painted Large Abstract Art, which has different techniques and gives people different feelings. Although there are many schools of oil painting, it will not be separated from the above three styles too far!  Large Modern Abstract Art is widely spread because of the special material, it can be thin or thick.Painting, can be completed at one time, can also be revised repeatedly, and for a long time does not fade, easy to preserve, so oil painting is known as the world's painting, like the king of musical instruments-piano. As for oil painting appreciation, various styles have advantages and disadvantages. see personal aesthetic interest.


Classical painting is like and beautiful, most people like, but dull work out of real life; Impression painting sunshine brilliant color class is also loved, but color. Excessive performance also makes some people difficult to accept; abstract paintings give people a fresh and more imaginative space, but some people think it is blind! Some people like flat as a mirror, some people like the uneven three-dimensional feeling.