William De Cunning, short for De Cunning, Dutch American painter, one of the soul figures of abstract expressionism, and one of the masters of the New Action Abstract Painting Online Custom. In his creative career, the human body has become the main body of hisĀ  Contemporary Wall Art creation, with landscape and writing symbols to develop his abstract world. He blended European cubism, surrealism and expressionism into his big and powerful Extra Large Contemporary Wall Art behavior, and melted the concept of radical art into his own art world. Even extreme Large Modern Abstract Art have artistic beauty, trying to arouse people's inner connection with all life things.

Contemporary Wall Decor

In 1927, he came to New York to make a living in commercial art and continued to paint. In New York, he met his lifelong friend Gorky, who painted in a studio, watched and learned from each other, and influenced each other. Subject to A. Gorky and J. Pollock's influence changed the way of early realism and tried to use R. Picasso and W. Kandinsky's abstract form is a figure painting.

In the 1930s, De Kooning explored and tried. The main works of this stage are sketches of frescoes for the Williams burg Real Estate Association of the Art Federation and frescoes for the 1939 World Expo in New York.