large living room wall decor-Some time ago, a colorful giant Keith Haring (Keith Haring) the fate of the mural face was cut to sell now, Modern & Contemporary Canvas Art
in order to ensure the harlem only an outdoor work in France made in Paris (Necker hospital for sick children) stay in Paris fundraising campaign to blaze,Extra Large Canvas Art For Sale the promoter is
Keith Haring French assets agents, gallery Lord Jerome DE nuba (Jer me DE Noirmont).
More recently, he held an exhibition of Alexandra Golovanoff's celebrity photography, with the proceeds going to harling's mural restoration.HANDMADE ABSTRACT ART 

For this reason, ARTINFO France interviewed nouamon about the new design of integrating the mural into the hospital, the current need for private donations in France, and what it meant to him when he took his children to the emergency

Reporter: why is Keith harling's fresco at Necker hospital in urgent need of repair?

Jerome DE nouamon: in 1999, I curated the Musee Maillol exhibition "Keith Haring: Made in France,"Big Abstract Painting For Sale
which covers all of Haring's work in France (bordeaux, Paris, marseille and le mans).
It was the first time many people realized that Necker hospital had such a large mural of Keith harling.
A few years later, the hospital called me to talk about a complete reconstruction of the hospital, raising the possibility of moving, cutting, rebuilding and selling the frescoed "tower" because it did not fit the new architectural

In view of the importance of this work, the architect, after communicating with me and the hospital, decided to integrate the tower into his design -- something architects rarely do.
He integrated it into the garden, the green space in the middle of the hospital.
The tower now houses a staircase, like a totem pole, that will be open to the public.

Reporter: so it's not just about restoration, it's about rethinking the whole thing.

Jerome DE nouamon: yes, that's why we have such a large budget.
The tower must first be separated because it is connected to another building that will be demolished in March 2013.
Foundations must be completely rebuilt, stairway entrances closed, and tops rebuilt.
In addition, the concrete exterior surface has also been in disrepair.
These expenses account for 80% of the repair cost, and the rest is used to repair the painting itself.