large living room wall decor-The experience of oil painting techniques discussed here refers to the discussion and study of the most representative and universal technical rules in the heyday of the whole process of traditional oil painting.
Oil painting development up to now,Great Big Canvas in the technique

It's a far cry from the traditional way.
Each genre, each artist selects traditional techniques according to their own intention

In order to achieve the goal of creation in concept since modernism,

The development of individuality has been given broader freedom.
But, on the other hand,Black And White Painting it lost the painting from the material

To the soul of all the good quality, so far away from the painting itself.
This is actually a means

The conflict with the goal.
Oil painting for oil painting, should be based on the full display of its materials and techniques on the energy

On the contrary, painting is not necessary to exist.
The ancient masters were well versed in this,Contemporary Painting and they had it all in their minds

Put into the practice and research of oil painting materials and techniques, and regard this as part of the idea and spirit in art

Therefore, the masters can convey their emotions and intentions so excellently, and finally achieve the works and hearts

The situation is highly harmonious.
So to truly learn and master oil painting, we must deeply understand and experience oil painting at its peak

The best quality of the period.


oil painting needs a lot of technical training-from hand to heart

The application of materials and techniques and the grasp of what can be achieved.
In that sense, it's a doorstop

Art and craft require long - term practice and tempering.
But the craft itself is not the purpose, its purpose is through form

The expression of color must ultimately convey thought and emotion, which is also the purpose of art.
So all craftsmanship is for that In the presence of art, we must integrate the experience of art into the experience of art while experiencing the techniques