Children room -- children room layout (space)
When designing children room, consider the nature that children is lively good move,Great Big Canvas need ensures children room must reserve a mobile space, when decorating furniture, children room is given priority to with lean a wall commonly, put apart the mobile space of bigger.
Soft sofa, warm and comfortable;
The children room above decorates to use thick stripe carpet, any child wanton play;
Wide storage space solves the problem of storage of toys.
The chalkboard runs in circles on the wall, and the child can doodle or open his heart.

Children's room - children's room layout (safety)
The boy is always naughty, the new world that window place breaks out can let him free play,Large Canvas Art or lie down, or sit, or kneel, or lie on the ground, follow sex and be.
In order to help school-age children develop independent living ability and independent consciousness, in addition to paying attention to the safety of children's room decoration layout, more attention should be paid to providing children with relatively independent activity space and healthy and quiet learning environment.
Furniture, cloth art adornment also does not ignore its environmental protection index.
In addition, the glass that avoids large area on the adornment of the room and household even.

Children's room - children's room layout (light source)
French Windows allow more natural light to enter the room, and sufficient light can protect the child's vision.
The paper roll hanging on the wall is ready for the child's first cognition and the first time to write.
When children room chooses, should consider in the home daylighting is good, ventilated room.
In the room with good daylighting, the child's desk is put in the place that can make full use of natural light, more advantageous to protecting child eyesight, room is ventilated good also be helpful for child healthy growth.

Children's room -- children's room layout (color)
Girls always want to be princesses, so pink is the perfect color to decorate their dreams.
About the adornment of children room is tonal, in the beautification of children room and adornment, do not recommend to use the wallpaper of dense colour and coloured drawing or pattern.
Because of the strong color easy to cause children inexplicable fretful mood.
Children room basically USES the emulsioni paint with quality assurance, build comfortable, sweet feeling with the metope of light color tone.
Of course, we should also consider the different sex of children with different colors for decoration!

Children's room -- children's room layout (decoration)
The adornment of wave dot lets blue metope is more vivid, or big or small grid can be placed according to classification,Large Canvas Art Sale offered the opportunity that exercises for the child's self-care, colorific color can arouse children's visual effect more, to the world was full of illusion!

Above way to want to have a suitable for your child, no matter how, in the design of children room, safety is the most important, parents should not be ignored, some sharp not allow children to play with toys, household have sharp edges must be combined with protection cover, let the children can have fun, not only in the room can also be safe and comfortable.